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Your Odoo Implementation Partner

Once you have Odoo up and running, you’ll be amazed just
how user-friendly and intuitive it is, but integration is best left to the pros.

That’s where we come in.

Acclogic is here to support you every step of the way - from integration to maintenance and long term support. As a certified Odoo Gold Partner, we’ve got the skills and expertise necessary for successful Odoo customization and implementation.

As your company expands and grows, so will your needs. Thanks to careful analysis and intelligent customization, your Acclogic consultant knows your business well. They’ll help you get the most out of Odoo - the best management software on the planet.

 Would You Like To Know More? 

What Is Odoo?

Simply put, the world’s most popular ERP software.

More specifically, it’s a scalable, customizable application suite that streamlines your operation, increases profits, and facilitates growth.

As an accounting solution, Odoo gives you the financial reports and metrics you need to intelligently manage your business.

Acclogic provides integration services tailored to meet your needs. We’ll thoughtfully analyze your business and develop a customized strategy to ensure you meet and exceed your goals.

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP software mediates business processes by organizing and consolidating your data.

Choosing the right ERP system is critical. Without an efficient ERP, you face the hassle of disparate software, clunky communication, and poor efficiency.

Odoo puts all your business applications in one central software application.  As you can imagine, this system reduces IT costs, improves cash management, and increases revenue and profits.

Consider processes like accounting, customer relations, order management, and inventory.  ERP software streamlines your business by integrating these processes into a single system.

Odoo Benefits

Fully automate your business processes for greater efficiency

Increase revenue, profits and reduce IT costs

10-15 times less expensive than other ERP software

Thousands of community apps in one centrally accessible system

Improve cash management

How do you get started with Odoo?

Acclogic guides your transition expertly and efficiently, so you get the most out of the software. Our Odoo certified consultants specialize in implementation through the battle tested strategies of our proven project methodology.

Systemic Strategic Solutions.

The best customizable, affordable ERP to boost your business - now.

Integrations Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs


CRM, Point Of Sales, Sales, Subscriptions and more!


Inventory, Documents, Timesheets and more!


Invoicing, Accounting, Expenses and more!


Equipment, MRP, PLM, Quality and more!

Our Services

Acclogic implements Odoo to automate your business processes - financial, distribution, sales & services - and we do it quickly, affordably, and easily.
In-Depth Analysis

We’ll analyze your business processes in detail. Through continuous communication with our clients, we establish objectives, timeline, impacts, risk analysis, and more.

Development + Customization

We customize the Odoo software including custom apps so that it best suits your company’s needs and objectives.


We understand that time is of the essence. To ensure maximum efficiency, we’ll swiftly implement your Odoo software.


We offer ongoing training, support, and assistance as the software (and your company) evolves.

Odoo Business Value

Risk Reduction

Thanks to real-time visibility, Odoo helps ensure compliance and expedites financial transactions.

Automated Operations

Odoo automates core business operations to improve efficiency and increase flexibility.

Top-Tier Customer Service

Easily accessing the customer’s entire life cycle leads to an enhanced experience for them and an elevated reputation for you.

Smart Accounting

Have you outgrown your current accounting system? Odoo helps you make profitable decisions for your enterprise.


The investment in Odoo pays off huge in the long run. With an integrated data structure, greater efficiency leads to higher profits.

Signs Your Business Needs Odoo

Software overload!  If you have tons of different software for your many processes, your company’s efficiency takes a hit. Odoo integrates systems in a single database to prevent logjams.

Accounting is slow and tedious This is one of the primary indicators that your business needs Odoo. Manually entering accounting details into various systems is inevitably costing you time and money.

IT management hassles When you have multiple systems that don’t talk to each other, trying to integrate them with intermittent upgrades isn’t enough. What’s worse, patchwork solutions are time-consuming and expensive.

You don’t need more software, you just need the right software.