Odoo Implementation Process


The Acclogic Strategic Consulting 11-Step Odoo Implementation Process


Odoo Implementation Process

We maintain efficiency and consistency with every company we work with to achieve their business objectives. A reliable and repeatable business process is key to a successful ERP Implementation Project. 

Working with Acclogic means you have a clear vision and understanding of the entire journey towards having your company run at peak performance.

We follow an 11 step process in order to ensure your Odoo Integration Project maintains transparency, efficiency, and accuracy.

Steering Meetings with Acclogic Project Management and your Stakeholder Team will be held weekly throughout the duration of the project to review high level progress, challenges, budget and when business decisions have to be made.


Requirements Gathering

Discovery Surveys

​Selected employees of the company chosen by the client are given an in-depth survey to analyze the scope, needs, and functionality of your company.

Stakeholder Interviews

Acclogic Project Management Team conducts interviews with appropriate stakeholders of your company regarding the requirements of your project. We work with you to capture the design and intent of your project. The specifications and requirements must be documented and discussed. 

Every project begins with explicit project requirements in order to disambiguate the objectives.


Data Discovery

Legacy Data Review

Should legacy data sets exist, we will work with you to categorize, analyze, and fully comprehend the structure of your data so that we can properly integrate your data into Odoo. Any customer, vendor, inventory, employee, or product and service records must be identified, both structurally and contextually through an Extract, Transform & Loan (ETL) Process.

Data Mapping

The relationships between your data sets are mapped and fully understood. This entails exactly how your data travels and transforms. Where your data is recorded and where/how it needs to be used must be fully understood and visually represented so that we can properly pinpoint the modules required to satisfy the needs of your project and system. 

Analysis and identification of the structure and functionality of every data set that needs to be imported is integral for a complete and accurate implementation. 


Module Identification 

Modules Required for Implementation

Upon full comprehension of the requirements and data of the project, Acclogic  presents a list of the Odoo modules required to achieve the business objectives of your Odoo Implementation Project.  

Upon acceptance of the list, we will progress to the next step.  Adding and removing modules in the future is easy to do with Odoo.


Module Champion Identification

Subject Matter Experts & Module Champions

​Acclogic will select an appropriate Subject Matter Expert in the respective module to work with your Module Champion to develop the most effective and applicable Odoo Module for your needs.  

We have Odoo Certified SMEs for manufacturing, inventory, accounting, CRM, sales, marketing who have extensive career experience in their respective fields.


Business Process Models & Notations (BPMN)

Business Process Models & Notations (BPMN)

The Subject Matter Expert and your company's Module Champions will fully map your business processes for each Odoo module.   

Business Process Models and Notations (BPMNs) will be created for each required business process for your Odoo Implementation Project.


Module Interviews 

Your company's Module Champions and Acclogic Subject Matter Experts have recurring meetings to review module configuration and implementation progress.  


Dataset Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)

Your legacy datasets including customers, vendors, inventory, Bills of Materials (BOMs), employees, products and service records will be imported to your Odoo Database.


Module Testing & Training


Live beta testing of module processes commences, as approved by the Module Champions. Appropriate individuals selected by Module Champions are tasked with beta testing the module.


Upon successful testing and acceptance of the module by the Module Champion, access is assigned to remaining members of your company to begin learning and training on Odoo.

Acclogic will produce training materials for approval of the Module Champion. Upon approval, Module Champion will disseminate the training materials for company use.


Champion Sign-Off

The Module Champion and Steering Committee should fully accept and understand the full extent and capability of the respective module.

Acknowledgement of Module Development Completion

Module Champions and the Steering Committee authorize and accept all module processes as complete based off the created BPMNs and via demos provided by Acclogic.

Acknowledgement of Module Documentation

All training materials are accepted and authorized.


Module Training

Module Champions are Trained Trainers

Acclogic has provided a complete understanding and complete training capabilities to each respective Module Champion at this point. The Module Champions are now the in-house resource for understanding all modules involved in the integration. All appropriate stakeholders should be trained by the Module Champions. Champions will utilize the training guides, made by Acclogic and approved by Module Champions


GO LIVE, Maintenance Mode

Once all modules are performing as intended and understood completely by all appropriate stakeholders, the Odoo Instance is published to the Production Server and the system is active for real world use.

Acclogic provides on-going support and maintenance and will be there for any future needs.